El Salvador Loma La Gloria - Red Honey Process - Studio Series Offering

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The silky mouth-feel of this red honey processed El Salvador from Anny Ruth sets a superb canvas for lightly toasted malt character and subtle grape acidity.

Medium Roast Level 

The honey process is when the skin of the coffee cherry is removed yet a certain proportion the fruit mucilage surrounding the bean (seed) is left on. The bean is then placed in raised beds to dry and partially ferment. The yellow honey process is considered a light honey process where the beans are left out in the sun for the shortest amount of time. Red honey is considered a medium amount of time and black honey is the longest length of time the coffee is left in the sun to ferment before the remainder of the mucilage is removed and the coffee begins its final drying process.

The honey process tends to impart a bigger body, more fruity flavors, and a slightly lower amount of acidity than the wet processing method.


Our Studio Series highlights exclusive coffees grown in very small quantities on small farms with great attention to every detail, from where on the farm it’s planted, what altitude it is grown, when it is harvested and how it is processed. There is a very limited amount of each so once they're gone, they're gone.