Cold Brewed By Brewers

Cold brewing is the process of steeping ground coffee in water for a long period of time and we take great pride in creating a cold brew that is unique unto itself.

We only use fresh-crop coffees in Maelstrom (pronounced male -strum) which is specifically calibrated to work as a dynamite cold brew. We first roast each coffee to its strength then blend them post-roast. This creates a separation of flavors and deepens the complexity of the blend. 

We then add it to a tank of water at our 7.5bbl brewery at the Roundhouse in Aurora, IL, add a few dashes of beer brewing techniques that we've picked up over the years, and 20 hours later it's ready to enjoy over ice.

We currently only sell our Maelstrom Cold Brew in our cafes and to current wholesale accounts who carry our coffees & teas. It is currently only sold by the case of four 3L jugs and by the five gallon keg.