Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Black Honey - Studio Series Offering

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This freshly harvested micro lot comes from the Las Lajas micro mill and is owned by Oscar and Francisca Chacon.  Las Lajas is known for its unique and exceptional drying techniques for natural and honey processed coffees.

Oscar and Francisca are constantly experimenting with new processing techniques and push for the perfect technique to produce a cup that expresses the inherent delicacy, harmony and complexity of their coffees.

A specialty of Las Lajas, the black honey process has been developed and refined over the seasons and involves the coffee being left on the patio for a period of 24 hours. This process is the longest honey process used at Las Lajas and produces a deep and complex cup with notes of dark chocolate, dried fig and black cherry.

The black honey process is when the coffee fruit is removed from the seed (beans) and the beans are immediately set out on the patio to dry for about 5 weeks until they turn dark. ‘Black Honey’ refers to the length of time the beans are out on the patios – the typical honey colors from least amount of time to the greatest are: white, yellow, red, then black with black usually containing the most sweet dried fruit characters.

The honey process skips the step of soaking the beans after the fruit is removed – that process is usually called ‘washed’ or ‘wet process’.

Medium Roast Level 


Our Studio Series highlights exclusive coffees grown in very small quantities on small farms with great attention to every detail, from where on the farm it’s planted, what altitude it is grown, when it is harvested and how it is processed. There is a very limited amount of each so once they're gone, they're gone.