Mexico Single Origin Duo

$25.00 $27.98 -11% OFF

Mexico Single Origin Duo

$25.00 $27.98 -11% OFF

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Product description

One beautiful country, offering two distinct and impressive coffees. Both washed process, both medium roast, and yet: as a result of their being crafted in different locations of the country, they offer remarkably different flavor notes.

Here's a chance to see for yourself how unique coffees can be. Travel with your senses and appreciate the delightful nuances between these two offerings.

Duo is comprised of (1) 12oz bag of Whole Bean Mexico San Basilio and (1) 12oz bag of Whole Bean Mexico La Aurora. By buying them both together, we are offering them at an 11% discount! 

Mexico La Aurora

Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

Roast Level: Medium

Process: Washed

Notes: Dark chocolate, dried cherry, roasted almonds, all spice

Background: La Aurora coffee comes from Sierra Norte, Oaxaca, on Mexico's Pacific Coast. Small farms of 2 to 4 hectares produce coffee under the natural shade of the jungle and allow them access to minerally rich soil while protecting the region's biodiversity. The micro-climate of Sierra Norte, between Sierra Central and Sierra Cosolapa on the Pacific coast of Mexico, allows for a slow maturation of the cherry. In combination with a slow fermentation process, a fully washed process, and sun-dried in patios, the result is a sweet profile with rich chocolate notes, vanilla, and a clean finish.

Mexico San Basilio

Origin: Nayarit, Mexico

Roast Level: Medium

Process: Fully washed

Notes: Milk chocolate, prickly pear, tangerine

Background: Nayarit is a state on the northeast side of Mexico, with over 100 small farmers and an average farm size of 4 hectares, under the shade of trees, and using natural--not chemical pesticides—which protects the natural environment. Nayarit doesn’t produce much volume, like Veracruz and Chiapas, but the coffees from this region have a more complex profile than the neighboring bigger states. For many years, coffees from Nayarit were blended with Veracruz coffees, and the traceability and profile of the region got lost. San Basilio is a brand created with local farmers to present this exceptional coffee, recognizing the hard work and complex coffee that the region can offer.